Privacy and Data - what Alias is all about:

  • Why do I have to pay for Alias after I’ve created 5 aliases?

    We charge for the product because we never sell your data, and we don’t have ads on our site. Your data and use of Alias are kept between you and our service.

  • What data does Alias collect from the browser extension?

    We only record the url of the website where you use an alias. We collect this so we know to limit any incoming emails to that specific domain.

  • Does Alias store information about my emails?

    We record an email was received and at what time. We do not store the content of the message. The secure mail service we use stores messages for a period of 3 days in case the message needs to be resent. After that point, the message and record are deleted.

  • Who is able to send me an email for a given alias?

    Each alias works with only one website. For example, an alias created at "" will only allow emails from "".

Browser Extension

  • I signed up for Alias and confirmed my email. Where can I get the browser extension?

    Visit here for the Chrome browser extension.

  • What does the extension icon do?

    Click the extension icon to 1) log in or out of Alias, 2) check your plan status and see the number of aliases you've created, and 3) copy an alias to use for the site you are currently visiting (note each website requires a new alias).

  • I don't see the option for "Press . for Alias" on the site where I want to use an alias. What can I do?

    Click on the browser extension to copy an alias from "Get alias for this site". Just paste that alias where you need it on that website. Remember this alias will only work on the website where it was created!

Mobile App

  • How do I get the mobile app?

    Search for Alias ( in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

  • How does the mobile app work?

    On the app's "New Alias" tab you can copy a new alias email and paste it wherever you need it on your device. You can also access your dashboard and manage aliases you've created.

  • Why are some aliases showing up as “mobile” on my dashboard?

    Until an email is received from the vendor or service you used your alias with, we do not know where the email is coming from. Once we receive the first email from the associated service, then the alias will display where the emails are coming from.

Dashboard and Managing aliases

  • How can I see where I've used aliases and turn them on and off?

    Visit the dashboard to manage your aliases and see the "Active" column. Toggle the switch to "off" to stop emails from a particular sender. Turn them on again by toggling the switch to the "on" position.

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